Warmies Soft Toys: Comfort in Everyday Life

Warmies Soft Toys – founded on a straightforward premise: everyone should experience comfort in their everyday life. Fully heatable and incredibly comfortable, Warmies relieve stress and anxiety, promote restful sleep, and are perfectly weighted to provide a calming sensory experience.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

  • Scented with Lavender: Gently scented with natural organic dried Lavender sourced from Provence, France.
  • All-Natural Filling: Filled with all-natural grains to provide the perfect sensory experience.

Warmies – Loved Worldwide

From beautiful designs to luxurious fabrics, affordable pricing, and charitable endeavours, it’s no secret that Warmies Soft Toys are loved worldwide.

Holistic Wellness

Warmies has crafted premium-quality self-care products focused on holistic wellness for over two decades. Warmies are more than products; they symbolise comfort and well-being, beloved by millions worldwide.

Effortless Self-Care

Warmies make self-care effortless and accessible. Easily heatable, they provide therapeutic warmth whenever needed. Pop them in the microwave and follow the instructions for a quick self-care session.

Versatile Warmies Soft Toys

The Warmies range features a variety of lovable plush toy animals. These toys are not just soothing and warm but also incredibly versatile:

  • Warm Companions: Provide comforting hugs and warmth.
  • Cooling Relief: Can be chilled in the freezer for cooling relief.


The entire Warmies range is freezable, including the ‘My First’ and ‘Hugs’ collections. Just put your Warmie in a bag and freeze it overnight for use.

Experience Warmies Soft Toys

Warmies are more than just comfort; they are about making self-care easy and accessible for everyone. Experience the soothing warmth, weighted comfort, and calming aroma that Warmies bring to your everyday life.

Warmies Soft Toys
Warmies Soft Toys
Warmies Soft Toys, Heat Pack, Cold pack
Warmies Soft Toys